“Yahoo! Finance Invest – Beyond Borders: Collaborating for Financial Excellence” Returns with Impressive Online Viewership of over 600,000

HONG KONG, Nov 16, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via SeaPRwire.com) – Yahoo Finance, the world’s leading financial information platform, is thrilled to announce the successful return of its flagship annual event for investors under the new branding Yahoo! Finance Invest. The conference, held on November 14, captivated a global audience, attracting an impressive viewership of over 600,000 within the first 4 hours of live broadcasting.

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 Themed “Beyond Borders: Collaborating for Financial Excellence”, the event brought together distinguished business leaders and speakers from across the globe at the forefront of investment and technology trends. Attendees were treated to invaluable insights and updates on a wide range of topics, including the transformative potential of technology and AI, emerging startups in various industries, fintech advancements, and the digital currency landscape. This year’s program also delved into the captivating opportunities emerging from the Greater Bay Area (GBA), with a focus on its impact on Hong Kong and its position as a leading International Financial Centre.

Esteemed business leaders and distinguished speakers who graced the conference stage included Bernard Charnwut Chan, GBM, GBS, JP., Chairman of M+ Museum Ltd, Duncan Chiu, Legislative Council Member, Technology & Innovation Constituency, Cathy Jiang, Tax and China Business Advisory Services Partner of PWC China, Vivien Khoo, Chairwoman & Co-founder of Asia Crypto Alliance, Alvin Kwock, Co-Founder of OneDegree Group, Gary Liu, Co-Founder & CEO of Terminal 3, King Leung, Head of Financial Services and Fintech of InvestHK, Irene Lee, Board Member of Fintech Association of Hong Kong, Michael Lee, Chief Operations Officer of FWD Hong Kong & Macau, Patrick Lau, Deputy Executive Director of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Andini Makosinski, inventor, writer and global keynote speaker and Naomi Osaka, Four-time Grand Slam Tennis Champion. These esteemed individuals shared their expertise and provided market updates, enriching the conference experience for attendees.   

Exploring the Transformative Power of Technology in Shaping the Future of Business

The conference served as a platform for engaging discussions on various timely and impactful topics. Attendees gained comprehensive insights into the rapid advancements in technology, including the implications of AI technology, the evolving landscape of fintech, the rise of digital currency, and the associated risks and opportunities emerging from the GBA region. The diverse perspectives shared during the event provided attendees with bold and valuable insights that will shape their understanding of the current and future business landscape.

Hong Kong’s advantages won’t gone with its position as a testing ground for China

Mr. Bernard Charnwut Chan, GBM, GBS, JP., Chairman of M+ Museum Ltd, shared about his view on Hong Kong’s competitiveness and said, “Hong Kong’s future is always about adding value to China, and we have been doing that for decades. Hong Kong serves as a testing ground for China, where we can afford to try new ideas, make mistakes, and learn from them while containing their impact. If these new ideas prove successful, they can be adopted by the country.”



Innovation should not be burdened by unnecessary restrictions, but it is essential to establish appropriate legislation when it comes to financial transactions

Mr. Duncan Chiu, Legislative Council Member, Technology & Innovation Constituency, shared his thoughts on the changes that the financial sector has experienced due to the development of blockchain and fintech. He stated, “Technology will never go backward, once it’s been developed, it’ll only become better and better. Although blockchain technology has been in development for less than 20 years, it has already brought about significant transformations in the technology sector. Serving as a fundamental technology, it enables the tokenization of real-world assets and provides a secure means of storing data, conducting transactions and preserving value. In terms of policy and legislation side, we need to catch up with the development of technology, especially when it is related to investment.”



Anyone can be an inventor by attempting to solve problems, embracing the “what if I try” mindset, and pursuing ideas without fear of failure or loss

Ms. Andini Makosinski, inventor, writer and global keynote speaker, shared how she came up with innovative ideas, said, “I think innovative mindset is developed by making small changes in your life, and have that ‘I can solve this’ attitude. In order to give your brain that creative space and freedom, you have to be bored sometimes. When we are on our phones, there is constant stimulation happening but that does not encourage creativity or imagination.”



The implementation of tokenization and blockchain can serve as catalysts in elevating Hong Kong as an International Financial Centre

Mr. King Leung, Head of Financial Services and Fintech of InvestHK was asked about his advice for those seeking to drive innovation in their respective fields. He responded,  “Based on my observations across various countries and markets, I have noticed that projects with a more diverse team have a higher chance of success. This can be attributed to the blend of great ideas, problem-solving approaches, and market insights that arise from such diversity. Therefore, it is crucial for entrepreneurs to maintain an open-minded attitude and embrace change.”



Following the Central Government’s assignment of the “eight centers” position to Hong Kong, the city is brimming with opportunities

On the opportunities in Hong Kong, Dr. Patrick Lau, Deputy Executive Director of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, stated: “The dual circulation strategy of Mainland China plays to Hong Kong’s strengths and brings tremendous opportunities to our city. Hong Kong serves as a two-way business and investment hub, to which business leaders come to engage with not only local, but also mainland and international counterparts.”



The mental challenges faced by athletes were once regarded as weaknesses, but now they are becoming more openly discussed and acknowledged

Ms. Naomi Osaka, Four-time Grand Slam Tennis Champion, was asked about her motivation to expand her influence beyond the tennis court and embrace the role of a businesswoman. In response, she said, “I’ve always tried to come from a place of my culture, like being half-Japanese and half-Haitian and growing up in America. In that sense, Hana Kuma kind of sees things from my lens.” Speaking about her passion for mental health among athletes, she expressed, “I am really glad that tournaments are taking steps to address it, and it’s becoming a more comfortable topic to talk about.”



In addition, The Yahoo! Finance Invest 2023 also featured a panel discussion on fintech, featuring notable industry experts, including Michael Lee, Chief Operations Officer of FWD Hong Kong & Macau, Alvin Kwock, Co-Founder of OneDegree Group, Irene Lee, Board Member of Fintech Association of Hong Kong and Vivien Khoo, Chairwoman & Co-founder of Asia Crypto Alliance. These experts explored recent developments in the fintech sector, discussed its prospects, and highlighted the transformative impact it is bringing to the market.



Pete Wong, GM of Asia Yahoo, concluded, “The Yahoo! Finance Invest 2023 has recorded more than 600,000 online viewership worldwide within the first 4 hours of live broadcasting. These remarkable numbers demonstrate the conference’s undeniable impact and global reach. As a trusted leader in the financial information landscape, Yahoo pledges to continue delivering authoritative industry insights and comprehensive market analysis in the future. Moreover, Yahoo! Finance is dedicated to organizing influential programs on a regular basis, propelling the industry into a new era and driving overall economic growth in the dynamic Asia-Pacific region.”

For more information about the Yahoo! Finance Invest and to watch the conference sessions, please visit https://hk.finance.yahoo.com/splash/yahooinvest2023 .

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