Australian PM gets record approval rating after two months in office

SYDNEY (BLOOMBERG) – Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has recorded the highest approval rating of any incoming leader in the country in more than 35 years.

About 61 per cent of Australians said they approved of Mr Albanese’s performance in his first two months in office, according to survey by Newspoll published by The Australian on Sunday (July 31).

That’s the highest of any incoming leader since the question was first asked by Newspoll in 1985.

Mr Albanese has moved quickly to fulfil election promises since the May 21 vote, committing Australia to cut carbon emissions by 43 per cent by 2030 and proceeding with his plans to change the constitution to allow for a representative body for Indigenous Australians in the nation’s Parliament.

Still, he faces headwinds. An energy crisis is pushing up power prices for consumers and businesses while Australia’s surging inflation is expected to peak at 7.75 per cent by December.

Just 26 per cent of Australians disapproved of Mr Albanese’s performance since he took power, giving the new prime minister a net approval rating of 35.

Support for Mr Albanese’s Labor Party has also surged to 56 per cent since the election, compared to 44 per cent to the Liberal National Coalition, on a two-party preferred basis.