Singaporean man allowed to challenge ‘unlawful detention’ by Malaysian authorities

KUALA LUMPUR – A High Court in Malaysia has allowed a Singaporean man to seek a declaration that he was unlawfully detained for eight days by the country’s immigration authorities in 2018. Mr Wong Chun Khuen, 65, a retired engineer, was arrested by immigration officers on Feb 28, 2018, for allegedly harbouring six illegal immigrants. […]

Thousands gather at all-male meeting to rubber-stamp Taliban rule

KABUL (AFP) – Obedience to the leadership was the most important principle of Afghanistan’s Islamic system, a senior Taliban official said on Thursday (June 30), as thousands of religious scholars gathered in the capital for a men-only meeting to discuss the group’s hardline rule. Officials have provided scant details of the “jirga” – a traditional […]

Weighing Duterte’s legacy: Inquirer

MANILA (PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER) – Taking stock of Rodrigo Duterte’s presidency, which ends on Thursday (June 30), means acknowledging the good that he and his administration has done. This includes implementing key economic and structural reform measures that have lingered as mere proposals for several decades, like the rice tariffication law, which helped bring down […]

Thousands march in Quito after night of Ecuador protest violence

Indigenous people march in downtown Quito, on June 22, 2022, on the tenth consecutive day of indigenous-led protests against the Ecuadorean government. (VERONICA LOMBEIDA / AFP) QUITO – Thousands of indigenous protesters held a peaceful march through Ecuador's capital, Quito, on Wednesday to demand that President Guillermo Lasso address price rises that have ignited 10 […]