Conflict tourism: Kashmir is the hottest new destination for Indians

SRINAGAR – Standing on a fortified Kashmir street, an Indian tourist poses triumphantly for her husband’s camera, clutching the national flag in each hand and flanked by two soldiers carrying rifles. India’s hottest new travel destination is also the site of its deadliest insurgency, where regular skirmishes break out between separatist militants and Indian troops, […]

Anti-government protesters gather outside New Zealand’s Parliament

WELLINGTON (REUTERS) – About 2,000 anti-government demonstrators gathered outside New Zealand’s Parliament on Tuesday (Aug 23) to vent their frustration on a range of issues nearly six months after protesters were forcibly removed from the grounds of the legislature. The protesters, organised by the Freedom and Rights Coalition, arrived from around New Zealand and assembled […]

Priest begins protest outside Hong Kong prison against detentions of activists

HONG KONG (REUTERS) – A Catholic priest launched a three-day protest on Thursday (July 14) in sweltering heat outside a Hong Kong maximum security prison, demanding the release of activists and democratic politicians held under a sweeping national security law. Milan-born missionary Franco Mella, a longtime rights activist in the Chinese-ruled city, vowed to refuse […]

US top court asks Maryland to bar protests at justices’ homes

US Marshals patrol outside the home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, in Chevy Chase, Md, June 8, 2022. (JACQUELYN MARTIN / AP) WASHINGTON – The US Supreme Court’s top security officer has asked Maryland Governor Larry Hogan to enforce laws barring picketing outside the Maryland homes of high court justices, saying protests and “threatening […]