Taiwan says China economic ties make more sanctions unlikely

TAIPEI (BLOOMBERG) – China’s economic measures against Taiwan are unlikely to have a major impact on trade between the two economies given how closely they’re intertwined, a finance ministry official said. The electronics industries in both economies are “highly dependent on each other”, and Taiwan is China’s biggest source of imported integrated circuits, Beatrice Tsai, […]

Taiwan begins live-fire artillery drill simulating defence against China attack

PINGTUNG (AFP, REUTERS) – Taiwan’s military held a live-fire artillery drill on Tuesday (Aug 9) simulating a defence of the island against an attack after days of massive Chinese military exercises, an AFP journalist at the site of the exercise said. China launched its largest-ever war games around Taiwan last week in a furious response to […]

Air traffic around Taiwan returning to normal despite new Chinese drills

TAIPEI (REUTERS) – Air traffic around Taiwan is gradually returning to normal after airspace surrounding the island reopened, Taiwan’s Ministry of Transportation and Communications said on Monday (Aug 8), although China later announced fresh military drills in the area. China last week deployed scores of planes and fired live missiles near during military exercises sparked […]

China spokeswoman’s Taiwan restaurant tweet sparks ridicule online

BEIJING (AFP) – A senior Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman has prompted a storm of ridicule online, after a late-night tweet where she used restaurant listings to assert Beijing’s claim over Taiwan. “Baidu Maps show that there are 38 Shandong dumpling restaurants and 67 Shanxi noodle restaurants in Taipei,” spokeswoman Hua Chunying posted on the social […]

China announces fresh military drills around Taiwan on Monday

TAIPEI (REUTERS) – China’s military announced fresh military drills on Monday (Aug 8) in the seas and airspace around Taiwan – a day after the scheduled end of its largest ever exercises to protest against last week’s visit to Taipei by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. China’s Eastern Theatre Command said it would conduct joint drills focusing on […]

China defends ditching talks, says US must bear ‘serious consequences’

BEIJING (REUTERS) – China’s defence ministry on Monday (Aug 8) defended its shelving of military talks with the United States in protest against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei last week, warning that Washington must bear “serious consequences”. Mrs Pelosi’s visit last week infuriated China, which regards the self-ruled island as its own and […]

Taiwan says flights through its airspace resuming after Chinese military drills end

TAIPEI (REUTERS) – Taiwan on Sunday (Aug 7) said flights through its airspace had gradually resumed from about noon as most notifications for Chinese military drills near the island were “no longer in effect”. The Transport Ministry said in a statement, however, that Taiwan would continue to direct flights and ships away from a Chinese military […]

Malaysia foreign minister says its envoy’s criticism of Pelosi isn’t official position

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia’s Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah said on Saturday (Aug 6) that criticism by its envoy to China against US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan isn’t the official position of the Malaysian government. Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing, the Malaysian Prime Minister’s special envoy to China, on Friday said Mrs […]

Scrapping US-China military talks deepens risk at dangerous time, analysts and officials

HONG KONG (REUTERS) – China’s cutting of some of its few communication links with the US military raises the risk of an accidental escalation of tension over Taiwan at a critical moment, according to security analysts, diplomats and US officials. China called off planned formal talks involving theatre-level commands, defence policy co-ordination and military maritime […]

Taiwan says Chinese planes, ships carry out attack simulation drill as PLA forces get close to island

TAIPEI/BEIJING (BLOOMBERG, AFP, REUTERS) – China’s aircraft and warships rehearsed an attack on Taiwan on Saturday (Aug 6), island officials said, as Chinese forces appeared to be getting close to Taiwan’s shores. China doubled down on the exercises, held in retaliation for a visit to Taiwan by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that also saw […]

China sanctions Pelosi over Taiwan visit

BEIJING (AFP) – China’s foreign ministry announced sanctions against US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday (Aug 5), after her visit to Taiwan this week prompted fury and shows of military force from Beijing. The ministry said Mrs Pelosi was “seriously interfering in China’s internal affairs and seriously undermining China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity” with […]

US calls China reaction to Pelosi’s Taiwan visit ‘flagrantly provocative’

PHNOM PENH (REUTERS, BLOOMBERG) – United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken told an Asian meeting of top diplomats on Friday (Aug 5) that China’s reaction to US house speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was “flagrantly provocative”, a western official said. Blinken, speaking at the East Asia Summit in Cambodia, said China had sought […]

Beijing hits Taiwan with penalties in wake of Pelosi visit

BEIJING (CAIXIN GLOBAL) – Beijing announced a slew of countermeasures against Taiwan on Wednesday (Aug 3) in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the island, including suspending trade in certain products and imposing sanctions on institutions regarded as pro-independence. China’s General Administration of Customs announced that the import of citrus fruits and […]

‘Shut the door and beat the dog’: Chinese drills a simulation of Taiwan blockade and future invasion, say experts

BEIJING – The ongoing military drills around Taiwan are aimed at rehearsing a possible future invasion of the self-ruled island, Chinese military observers and state media have said. The drills, which have for the first time involved firing ballistic missiles directly over the island, are also a thinly veiled threat against those pushing for formal […]