Is Pumped to Announce the Open Beta on a Testnet

Nicosia, Cyprus, November 03, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – The WEB 3.0 gaming project is steadily passing the major milestones of its roadmap, and is happy to announce that the Open Beta stage (Season 00) on a testnet is on. That means the major public release is getting closer month by month, and players can already enjoy new features and refined game mechanics. Let’s take a closer look at these improvements and what the Open Beta has in store for us.

What is

This is a blockchain game that gives players an opportunity to build a virtual startup from scratch. Featuring two modes – office management in Tycoon mode and project completion in Collectible Card Game (CCG) mode – helps users develop strategic thinking, learn business development and, of course, have a lot of fun! Based on Take My Muffin adult cartoon, this game presents an explosive cocktail of challenging tasks, witty jokes and fancy graphics.

At the moment, the project is at Open Beta stage, so everyone can join without making upfront investments. Now is being listed on Epic Games Store – a crucial step on the way to massive adoption. This listing will provide a popularity boost by allowing thousands of WEB 2.0 and WEB 3.0 players to discover it and igniting interest in this unique startup-themed card game.

What’s been done so far

Throughout 2023, the team has become a few steps closer to the public release:

  • The Closed Alpha and Open Alpha stages were successfully completed, paving the road for full-fledged game mechanics.
  • Thanks to the Bug Contest and participation of the community in the private Alpha stage, developers were able to correct code discrepancies, improve the gaming experience, and make decisions about upcoming updates.
  • Enhanced gaming mechanics. Instead of developing the Tycoon mode, creators decided to encourage players’ focus on the Collectible Card Game because this is the most challenging and the most interesting part of the gameplay.
  • New partnerships are on the horizon. is working with notable NFT artists and other blockchain and cryptocurrency-related ventures to shape the future of WEB 3.0 gaming together. The team is now working over potential joint ventures.
  • Massive feedback from the public was gathered in social media. The crypto community in general and early users have been drawn to Bluelight, expanding its social media presence. Their opinions have been helpful in terms of improving the overall gaming experience.

What will the Open Beta bring?

Release of the Open Beta is marked with the most massive game improvements. Developers are drastically changing pretty much everything:

  • Map renewal.
  • Refined UX and menu.
  • Game progress is now synced with the server.
  • The Shop allows players to purchase character cards, discount packs and furniture – everything to enhance their experience.
  • New game mechanics: players will be able to purchase characters and add them to card packs, and arrange office furniture. Note that placement of stuff in the Tycoon mode will not be reflected in the Collectible card game, so users may simply exhibit the most beautiful items in their virtual space.

The list of perks continues

As a part of the Open Beta Season 00, players who successfully complete projects will be rewarded with $KALE and BUX rewards, but the list of rewards is not limited by regular payouts. Developers are coming up with a renewed rewarding system. From now on, players have a chance to get into the leaderboard and earn extra profits for the following achievements:

  • The largest number of projects won.
  • The highest KPIs delivered in projects.
  • The largest number of playing days (total)*
  • The largest number of playing days in a row*
  • The largest number of purchases made in the Shop.

Plus, those who participate in the Superleague will be granted special prizes. Note that the limit of prizes for each participant is limited by 2 + Superleague rewards.

*Note that only won projects count. If a player does not successfully complete a project within 24 hours, this day does not count as played.

Join first and claim your airdrop

Every user who plays during the 1st week of Open Beta will receive 30,000 $KALE on a testnet! So become an early bird and reap all the profits you can.

Time to jump in the wagon

The Open Beta is now available for all users, so sign up and start completing projects – the more you solve, the higher is your chance of getting a prize. Besides, if you have already tested the game at the Alpha Stage, you will be surprised to see significant UX and design improvements.

Keep tabs on the project – visit their website, subscribe on Medium, Telegram, and Discord.

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