BioMed X Launches a New Call for Application in Autoimmune Disease Research

HEIDELBERG, Germany, Nov 7, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via – BioMed X, an independent biomedical research institute, announced yesterday the launch of a Call for Application in immunology. This call aims to assemble a new research team to develop innovative strategies for neutralizing autoreactive plasma cells in the context of autoimmune disease.

Current therapeutic strategies for autoimmune diseases primarily focus on broadly suppressing the immune response, with significant side effects. More importantly, none of these treatments address one of the root causes of the disease, the autoreactive plasma cells that produce antibodies targeting self-antigens. By exploring the deep biology of human autoreactive plasma cells to identify biomarkers that distinguish them from their physiological counterparts, this project aims to identify new therapeutic strategies to selectively eliminate these cells in patients suffering from autoimmune diseases.

“Immunology – including autoimmunity – is one of our R&D focus areas at our BioMed X Institutes in Heidelberg, New Haven, and our XSeed Labs in Ridgefield. Currently, we are hosting five immunology research teams at different stages of development. We are excited to extend our immunology research capabilities with this new project in the field of autoreactive plasma cells,” explains Christian Tidona, Founder and Managing Director of the BioMed X Institute.

This new research group will be located at the BioMed X Institute in Heidelberg, Germany. Each BioMed X project is a collaboration with a leading pharmaceutical company. To learn more about this project and how to apply, visit the BioMed X Career Space at The deadline for applying is January 7, 2023.

About BioMed X

BioMed X is an independent research institute with sites in Heidelberg, Germany, New Haven, Connecticut, XSeed Labs in Ridgefield, Connecticut, and a worldwide network of partner locations. Together with our partners, we identify big biomedical research challenges and provide creative solutions by combining global crowdsourcing with local incubation of the world’s brightest early-career research talents. Each of the highly diverse research teams at BioMed X has access to state-of-the-art research infrastructure and is continuously guided by experienced mentors from academia and industry. At BioMed X, we combine the best of two worlds – academia and industry – and enable breakthrough innovation by making biomedical research more efficient, more agile, and more fun.

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