Global Exhibition Exchange: Pioneering Partnerships for Event Organizers and Media Sponsors

Dubai, September 23, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – Global Exhibition Exchange (GEE), the leading online platform for exhibition organizers and event hosts worldwide, is excited to announce an array of partnership opportunities designed to elevate events and expand their reach. GEE simplifies the process of event listings, enhances visibility through effective press releases, and facilitates booth exchanges […]

The 21st CIEP Gathers Global Talents for Future Innovation Development

SHENZHEN, CHINA, September 21, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – The Conference on International Exchange of Professionals (hosted by the Shenzhen Center for International Exchange of Personnel, referred to as “the CIEP”) is a national, internationalized and comprehensive exhibition co-hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the PR.China and the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government. It […]

Mitrade Earns Prestigious Honors as Global Fintech Broker and LATAM’s Most Transparent Broker at Global Forex Awards

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, SEPTEMBER 21, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – Mitrade was recognized as the “Best Fintech Broker – Global” and “Most Transparent Broker – LATAM” for its market growth and notable improvements this year at the prestigious Global Forex Awards held on September 14th in Limassol, Cyprus. The event brought together the best brokers and top performers from […]

CeluvPlay Announces They Are Joining Chainlink BUILD Program

New York, NY, September 21, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – CeluvPlay is excited to announce that they are officially joining the Chainlink BUILD program. As a part of BUILD, CeluvPlay aims to accelerate ecosystem growth and long-term adoption of NFTs by gaining enhanced access to Chainlink’s industry-leading oracle services and technical support, as well as incentivizing greater cryptoeconomic security, in […]

‘2023 KM Chart Year-end Awards’ is Coming Soon: Offline Event Slated for Next Year’s First Half

Seoul, Korea, September 20, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – KM Chart and Doohub (MY1PICK) representatives are appointed as co-chairs of the KM Chart Awards Organizing Committee. Recently, the global standard K-POP chart, ‘KM Chart’, has announced plans to host the ‘2023 KM Chart Year-end Awards (official title TBD)’, heightening expectations among K-POP fans both domestically and internationally. Created hand in hand […]

Incheon International Airport, Soaring to New Heights with Customers

Incheon, Korea, September 21, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – Under the leadership of the newly appointed President Lee Hak-Jae, Incheon International Airport is setting forth on a renewed path, crafting various strategies to encourage collaborative growth with business partners including logistics companies and airlines. Enhancing Customer Convenience through Advanced Infrastructure Currently, the Incheon International Airport Free […]

Academic Labs Leverages AI and Crypto to Make Quality Education Accessible Globally

Singapore, September 20, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – Academic Labs, an emerging player in the global edtech space, has announced the official launch of its new online learning platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology to deliver personalized and engaging education experiences. Figure 1. Terry Tan, Co-founder (depicted on the right), actively engaging in […]

Nonfinite Unveils Their Bitcoin Insurance Solution

Reason Bitcoin Price Was Driven by Nonfinite Smart Coverage: Unveiling the World’s First Bitcoin Insurance New York, NY, September 20, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – Nonfinite unveils its Bitcoin insurance solutions driven by Nonfinite Smart Coverage. The volatile nature of the Bitcoin has always been a double-edged sword – offering both high returns and considerable risks. With […]

Famous French Perfume Brand HOMFE Launches QUEEN 55 and KING 55, the Pinnacle of Luxury

Paris, France, September 20, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – Recently, the famous French perfume brand HOMFE has launched their KING 55 and QUEEN 55 series. In the realm of luxury perfumes, French brand HOMFE has always been synonymous with sophistication, elegance, and timeless appeal. HOMFE has consistently delighted fragrance connoisseurs with its exceptional creations. Now, in a […]

Famous French Perfume Brand HOMFE Unveils KING 55 and QUEEN 55: A Royal Fragrance Experience

Paris, France, September 19, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – Recently, the famous French perfume brand HOMFE has launched their KING 55 and QUEEN 55 series. In the realm of luxury perfumes, French brand HOMFE has always been synonymous with sophistication, elegance, and timeless appeal. HOMFE has consistently delighted fragrance connoisseurs with its exceptional creations. Now, in a […]

NFT Combining (NFTC) Announces Project Launch

New York, NY, September 18, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – NFT Combining (NFTC), a real-world enterprise leveraging non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to provide employment opportunities and cash flow, has announced its project launch. NFTC encompasses two distinct concepts – social responsibility and commerce. For the former, NFTs are deployed to address significant humanitarian and environmental needs. And […] Launches Updated Website with Better Interaction and Functionality for Gamers Worldwide

Burbank, CA, September 18, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) –, a leading global marketplace for Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) gamers, announces today the launch of its newly updated website with enhanced features and functionality. The improved website provides gamers worldwide with a more seamless experience for buying, selling and trading in-game items. According to Angelica Zhao, […]


Author: Eric Chakra 在今天繁忙的世界跟上最新消息和事件是一项挑战。但是,RSS订阅提供了一种方便的方式,可以直接将新内容交付给您,节省时间和精力。对于那些希望跟踪新加坡各业务、科技、教育和媒体领域的最新新闻稿的人来说,RSS订阅是一项非常宝贵的资源。 以下是2023年一些值得追踪的新加坡最新和相关新…

CoinW TOKEN2049 After Party Concludes, Sharing Insights on Sustaining Growth Through Crypto Winter

CoinW, the world’s leading digital asset trading platform, concluded its After Party during TOKEN2049 in Singapore on the evening of the 13th local time, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening. Dozens of projects, including AI Analysis, Cointraffic, MVC, BCH Ecosystem, BCH Club, Cash, OOKC, Orders, FEG, Pureverse, attended to share their insights. The event […]

Justin Sun: Stablecoin payment promises exponential growth, and the crypto industry needs to step up its game in the post-FTX era

Singapore – On September 14, Justin Sun, founder of TRON and member of the HTX Global Advisory Board, was invited to TOKEN2049 in Singapore and joined the panel session “Ecosystem and Industry Growth: Envisioning the Decade Ahead for Crypto”. He believed that transactions and payments with stablecoins would remain the dominating use case in the crypto […]

Chinese Brands SYLPH and SEXROSE Make Statement in Vegas – Founder Mio Ho Uplifts Women’s Confidence Through Fashion

Las Vegas, NV, September 14, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – SYLPH and SEXROSE (Backed by parent company Onion Global), two emerging Chinese brands, made a dazzling debut in Las Vegas at the ASD Market Week and the International Lingerie Show in September. Their captivating collections, which prioritize empowering women in their pursuit of both external beauty or internal pleasure, […]