Sudan factions agree to form transitional govt on April 11

Demonstrators march during an anti-government demonstration in the Sharoni area in the north of Sudan's capital Khartoum on March 14, 2023. (PHOTO / AFP)

CAIRO – Sudan's political factions have agreed to form a new transitional government on April 11, Khalid Omar Yousif, the spokesperson for the signatories to the political settlement, said on Sunday.

Sudan's military leaders who took over in a coup in late 2021 have been negotiating a deal with the civilian political parties previously in power aimed at restoring a civilian government.

The parties have agreed on a committee for drafting a new constitution that will include nine members of the civilian groups, one from the army and another from the powerful paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, Yousif said.

They will sign the transitional framework for the agreement early next month and a constitutional declaration on April 6.

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The formation of a new government following the October 2021 coup is a result of Western, Gulf, and UN-sponsored talks, and it could revive flows of badly needed economic assistance to Sudan.