Zhang Zhehan’s directorial debut documentary “August” officially releases online – an immersive journey of self-healing

Chinese actor Zhang Zhehan’s first directorial documentary, “August,” premiered on YouTube on April 14, 2024. The film tells the story of his self-healing journey after experiencing a cyber media storm.

Zhang Zhehan sets off on a cycling journey eleven years later, seeking the real world

In August 2021, Zhang Zhehan found himself caught up in an unprecedented storm. A massive wave of public opinion suddenly swept in, fueled by false information and malicious distortions on the internet, shattering his career and personal life. He chose to bravely face everything and embarked on a self-healing journey in the way he loves.

The documentary “August” was filmed for nearly twenty days,capturing Zhang Zhehan’s cycling trip from Shangri-La to Lhasa. Along this journey, he encounters snow-capped mountains and glaciers, encounters herds of livestock, and meets many ordinary yet touching faces.

He engages in conversations with a bar owner who accompanies himself with a lifelong passion for music, shares stories of growth and dreams with two basketball-loving brothers, listens to the innkeeper’s tales of the hustle and bustle on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, and experiences a “love at first sight” kind of enchantment. He listens to the sounds of the heaven and earth, listens to strangers’ stories, and listens to the pain and love within himself.

Zhang Zhehan’s low point is now a thing of the past, and his career is blooming again

In 2023, Zhang Zhehan released two albums, and his songs immediately dominated the charts on various global music platforms. In May of the same year, he held two “Primordial Theater” concerts in Bangkok, Thailand, kicking off his concert tour. He then performed in Malaysia and Singapore. In February 2024, Zhang Zhehan held a concert in Hong Kong, China, attracting nearly ten thousand spectators.

Zhang Zhehan’s musical talent is undeniable, and his popularity is evident. In Spotify’s rankings released last year, Zhang Zhehan achieved an impressive feat as the ninth most-streamed Chinese pop singer worldwide. He has consistently topped radio charts in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and received invitations to participate in year-end award ceremonies and other events.


In July of this year, Zhang Zhehan will also hold a fan meeting in Australia.

That August is now a thing of the past, and we eagerly anticipate the next August, experiencing the profound meaning of a new “August.”